BMI (body mass index) calculator uses your weight and height to estimate your body fat.
Use this BMI calculator to check your health.


Here is also a GUIDELINE we follow for SAFETY reasons

and achieving OPTIMAL results.
BMI (Body Mass Index) Guideline for Aesthetic Surgical Procedures of the BODY


- BMI 18 or lower = UNDERWEIGHT 
Usually not a great surgical candidate. Unlikely to have enough fat to transfer for example. OK for some breast procedures.

- BMI 19-24 = NORMAL 
BEST Surgical candidate. Your results will look best if you are on a normal BMI range, specially around 22-23

Good Surgical candidate. Usually a great weight to do liposuction and fat transfer. The patient at this BMI range benefit from body  procedures and are encouraged to achieve a normal BMI for optimal results.

- BMI 30-40 = OBESE
Not always a surgical candidate. In general, for Tummy Tuck procedures, will be required that you are on a BMI of 32 or below. These type of procedures and the results depend a lot on the type of body and fat distribution in your body. Central obesity (beer belly - Tummy fat - Round Tummy) will prevent you from having an optimal result and put you at risk for a complication. Cases on this BMI range are individually selected or denied as surgical  candidates. Only patients who are healthy, not taking ANY medications, below 40 years of age, NON-Smokers (of any kind) and NON anemic, which are between a BMI of 35 and 39 may be  candidates for procedures such as liposuction and/or fat transfer.

Not candidate for Aesthetic Surgical Procedures of the BODY.  At the lower end of this range patients may lose some weight to get to a BMI below 40 and become candidates for procedures such as  liposuction or fat transfer. Other patients in this range will likely benefit from BARIATRIC  (weight loss) surgery.

- BMI 50 or above = SUPER OBESE
Not candidate for Aesthetic Surgical Procedures of the BODY. Patient in this range should seek BARIATRIC  (weight loss) surgery counseling and education.

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