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Booking Fee


The Booking Fee is non-refundable under any circumstances. The Booking Fee compensates Top Aesthetics for expenses related to reviewing your information and all necessary administrative work required to process your inquiry. The Booking Fee may be used as a credit towards a surgery performed at a Top Aesthetics location if such surgery takes place within 12 months of the date of payment. If no surgery takes place within that time, the Booking Fee is forfeited and a new Booking Fee will be required to book your surgery.



Payments other than the booking fee


With respect to any monies advanced in excess of the Booking Fee, Top Aesthetics will honor a refund request only for monies paid in excess of the Booking Fee where no procedure was performed if it meets the criteria stated on the patient contract. If you have already booked your surgery, please review your contract for details.




Special Notice - January 2021


After a rigorous performance review, Dr. Giancarlo McEvenue was terminated and he is no longer associated with Top Aesthetics. 


Due to this recent termination of a former surgeon, Top Aesthetics offers the option to select a new surgeon and a new surgery date to all patients previously scheduled with Dr. Giancarlo McEvenue. 


Patients who have only paid the booking fee are encouraged to reschedule their procedure with the other surgeons. 


All patients who have made any payments in excess of the booking fee are eligible for a refund for monies paid in excess of the booking fee.


All patients previously scheduled with Dr. Giancarlo McEvenue may extend the booking period from 12 months to 18 months and may be eligible for new promotions/specials. 

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