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Post-operative monitoring

At Top Aesthetics, we care about your results and your safety. This is why we have created a system where we get notified about your vital signs in real-time.


Medications for surgery are a very delicate topic because even if they get the job done, they must achieve exceptional results like not making you feel sick when you wake up from your procedures. This short video explains why we are different and what drugs we use.

Cell Saver

Wouldn't it be awesome to recover the blood you lost in your surgery without not having to worry about your health? We got you! Cell saver is one of our technological devices that will save your concerns for another time.


Because safety is critical in our practice, at Top Aesthetics, we have high-end technology to ensure that you are being observed in many different ways and timelines when you choose us. Dr. Palladino will show you in this short video how we study your personal information; take a look to be one step closer to the best decision you will ever make.

Intra operative technology Warming Blankets

A warming blanket on the operating room table the day of your surgery is critical because it will impact how fast and well you recover. Also, in some cases, it minimizes the chances of bleeding. We provide specialized blankets, so we keep you warm in the safest way. Watch this video to learn how they look and work.

Intra operative technology Masimo

To have you constantly monitored is very important, but to have you monitored with the right equipment is even more important. At Top Aesthetics, we work with Masimo, a sophisticated instrument that measures your hemoglobin level; with only a clip on your finger, we can see if your hemoglobin levels match your chart before surgery (and even after).

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