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Non-Surgical Mini-Facelift

Made of absorbable sutures, PDO threads placed strategically in the subdermal layer pull the tissues upward for an effect much like a mini-facelift without undergoing invasive surgery.

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What Are PDO Threads?

PDO (polydioxanone) threads have been used as sutures for many years in surgical settings. These non-toxic, biocompatible sutures, comprised predominantly of sugar molecules, lift and tighten the skin from within the subcutaneous layer. The woven mesh threads are inserted beneath the skin using a fine needle to lift facial areas affected by aging-related skin laxity. Additionally, PDO threads stimulate collagen production, which reverses the visible effects of aging for a more youthful-looking face and neck.

How Does a PDO Thread Lift Work?

Men and women seeking to enhance their facial contours but are not yet ready for cosmetic surgery can experience a subtle noninvasive facelift with PDO threads. The PDO thread lift can target sagging skin in most facial areas and commonly addresses sagging jowls, cheek contours, and jawline definition for a lifted mid-face area. The procedure stimulates the body’s ability to produce collagen, which offers added skin tightening for a more plump, youthful glow.

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Treatment Areas

Enjoy lifted skin and regain volume in your facial contours with our PDO Thread Lift in Fort Lauderdale. Safe for all skin types, you can experience facial rejuvenation without surgery or downtime. The procedure addresses aging, sagging skin, volume loss, and wrinkles in the following areas:


Refresh the undereye area and minimize fine lines for a brighter, vibrant appearance.


Regain a plump, full definition along the cheekbones that restores a youthful contour.


Minimize sagging skin along the jawline and reduce jowl formation for a refreshed look.


Lift drooping skin and reduce creases on the neck for a smoother, revitalized contour.


Address facial hollowing in the midface and treat nasolabial folds to rejuvenate the complexion.

Thread Lift Procedure

Your doctor will begin by numbing the area so that you remain comfortable during the procedure. We then carefully insert the PDO threads using a tiny, blunt-tip cannula. The threads are placed gently into the tissue with precision so that the treatment area is tightened and lifted for the desired aesthetic. Your procedure will take less than an hour to complete.

Recovery & Results

Patients can drive home immediately after the treatment and generally resume their routine the same or the next day. You may experience bruising and swelling in the treatment areas, although it is usually mild.

We suggest you limit facial movements, restrict your activities, and avoid putting pressure on your face during the first 24 hours so the threads have time to settle and integrate with the rest of your tissues.

Because the threads are biocompatible, your body will absorb the material gradually. You will not need to have the threads removed. With proper maintenance, you will experience lasting radiance to your complexion.

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Is the PDO thread lift procedure safe?

Is a PDO thread lift painful?

Will I need a repeat treatment?

Is the PDO thread lift procedure safe?

Because PDO threads are explicitly designed to be reabsorbed into the body’s tissues, the procedure has minimal risks and is considered safe when performed by a qualified medical professional.

Is a PDO thread lift painful?

The procedure uses a thin needle to thread the skin with minimal patient discomfort. Some patients experience soreness and swelling after the procedure that gradually fades over the first few days and can be managed easily with over-the-counter pain medication.

Will I need a repeat treatment?

The PDO thread lift activates the body’s natural collagen production, increasing anti-aging benefits. While the results are long-lasting, the treatment does not offer the same permanent benefits as a surgical procedure. PDO threads typically dissolve within six to nine months. Most patients will want to schedule a maintenance session when they see the effects fade, usually after 18-24 months.

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