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Revitalize Your Complexion

Having a smooth, youthful face can positively impact a person’s life. Our facelift in Fort Lauderdale can give facial skin a new life by tightening and lifting areas that can benefit from a bit of revitalization by an expert cosmetic surgeon.

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Why Choose Our Top Aesthetics Surgeon?

Facelift surgery requires tremendous technical skill and artistic mastery to achieve natural-looking results. Dr. Humberto Palladino uses the most updated and advanced techniques in Fort Lauderdale to ensure that you look like a younger version of yourself with all the features that make your face unique.

Dr. Palladino received first-class training from the esteemed Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He leads the accomplished Top Aesthetics team with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, ensuring the patient experience is top-notch.

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What Is a Facelift?

Facelift surgery lifts and firms delicate facial tissues, removes excess skin to soften wrinkles and folds, and restores a youthful glow to the complexion. A facelift can improve the definition of the jawline, cheeks, neck, and lower eye area by tightening the facial skin. Patients experience a boost in self-confidence as the procedure restores energy and vibrance in the face.

Who Is a Candidate?

The ideal candidate for our facelift in Fort Lauderdale is in good physical health, has realistic expectations for the procedure, would like to improve the middle and lower facial appearance, and relates to any of the following concerns:

  • Creases in the undereye area
  • Displaced facial fat
  • Deep nasolabial folds
  • Decreased muscle tone or elasticity in the lower face
  • Loose skin and excess fat beneath the chin


During your personal consultation, Dr. Palladino will evaluate your medical history, facial appearance, aesthetic goals, and expectations to develop a treatment plan that targets your concerns and ensures the most natural-looking results. At this time, Dr. Palladino will discuss the facelift technique that will best meet your unique needs.

Once the surgical plan has been solidified, he will give you thorough preoperative instructions to prepare for your procedure. Patients must refrain from smoking for at least two weeks before and after the surgery for optimal healing.

What Are the Benefits?

  • More youthful, smooth complexion
  • Improved jawline definition
  • Slimmer neck contour
  • Tighter, firmer facial skin
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Facelift Procedure

The facelift technique that Dr. Palladino performs will depend on your facial anatomy and the extent of lift needed to reach your aesthetic goals.

Traditional Facelift

The incision for a traditional facelift starts at the temples and traces along the hairline behind the ears to the back of the scalp. This technique enables the most significant potential for correcting substantial skin laxity. It allows Dr. Palladino to reposition underlying fat and tissues, lift the facial muscles, and remove excess skin. Any visible scarring is hidden discreetly behind the ears within the contours of the hairline.


Also known as a limited-incision facelift, the mini-facelift utilizes a shorter incision than the traditional facelift but follows the same pathway along the hairline and behind the ears. This technique works best for patients with less extensive skin laxity, repositioning the underlying fat and tissues and removing excess skin. The natural contours of the hairline hide any potential scarring discreetly behind the ears.