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Reveal Healthy, Glowing Skin

The Perfect Derma Peel is a safe, medium-depth chemical peel comprised of four medical-grade acids – retinoic, salicylic, TCA, and kojic acid – in combination with vitamin C and the antioxidant glutathione, which gives the skin a healthy glow.

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How It Works

The active ingredients of the Perfect Derma Peel stimulate collagen production, enhancing cellular turnover, which increases skin elasticity for a fresh, younger-looking complexion. The peel cleanses and exfoliates the skin to unclog the pores of any debris, oil, impurities, or dead skin cells.

A gentle formula, the Perfect Derma Peel reduces inflammation and oil production without stinging, burning, or irritating the skin. The post-treatment moisturizer and towelettes infused with vitamin C and retinoic acid enhance the peel’s effects while hydrating the treated skin.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Reveal a healthy, rejuvenated, younger-looking complexion
  • Reverse the effects of sun damage and aging on the skin
  • Even out your skin tone and texture
  • Brighten the skin by exfoliating away dull layers
  • Slow the aging process on your complexion
  • Soften wrinkles and lines and decrease pore size
  • Stimulate collagen production to improve skin firmness
  • Prevent age spots from forming
  • Improve skin conditions like melasma, hyperpigmentation, and acne

Who Is a Candidate?

Our Perfect Derma Peel in Fort Lauderdale is considered safe and suitable for any skin type. Ideal candidates range from age 13 to 75. Those undergoing acne treatment with Accutane must refrain from using it for three months before their Perfect Derma Peel treatment for optimal results.

As always, if you have any health issues, we recommend discussing these with your doctor before application. The most common treatment areas for the Perfect Derma Peel are the face, neck, hands, and chest. However, we may apply the treatment to other body parts if desired.

Experience the Perfect Derma Peel

Treatment Process

The peel does not require preconditioning of the skin beforehand. Application of the Perfect Derma Peel takes about 15 minutes, during which you may feel a slight tingling or stinging sensation. This subsides after a few seconds, as the first phase of treatment numbs the skin. The peel penetrates two to three external dermal layers, and your skin will likely appear red immediately after application. Usually, by the third day, the peeling begins, and applying the Perfect Derma Peel moisturizer will hydrate the skin and reduce the visible peeling.

Peeling Magic

Skin shedding is vital to the growth and rejuvenation process. You will see the newly revitalized, healthy skin below as the skin sheds the external layers. The peeling process starts on day three and lasts until day six or seven. While peeling, your skin will be susceptible until its PH level is restored. We recommend strategically scheduling your treatment to avoid sun exposure as much as possible during peeling. This will prevent uneven skin exposure that may undo the peel’s benefits.

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Recovery & Results

After your treatment, you may resume regular activities within 24 hours. We recommend avoiding strenuous activities, exercise, and excessive sweating while your skin is peeling. Once the peeling process is complete, after six or seven days, you will see the visible results of your Perfect Derma Peel. We trust you will be thrilled with your newly rejuvenated complexion's smooth, vibrant appearance. Because our patients love their results, many come back for follow-up peels. Our skincare expert can suggest a treatment plan for optimal results.

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The Las Olas MedSpa Promise

Our state-of-the-art Las Olas MedSpa provides gentle medical aesthetic treatments performed by world-class, board-certified doctors. We are committed to creating a safe, luxury medical spa experience in Fort Lauderdale at a competitive price that makes aesthetic transformation accessible to a broad population.

With uniquely customized treatments that take into account the anatomy and wishes of each individual, our patients always leave our office highly satisfied with the results they see in the mirror. We love delivering high-end rejuvenation at an affordable price and seeing the joy radiate from patients of all ages.

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