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Reshape Your Stomach

Whether excess fat or skin folds in your midsection prevent you from radiating confidence in your life, a tummy tuck – or abdominoplasty – surgically tightens the abdominal muscles and reshapes the stomach to restore a more shapely figure.

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Why Choose Our Top Aesthetics Surgeon?

Top Aesthetics’ founder and lead plastic surgeon, Dr. Humberto Palladino, has extensive experience in body contouring, having published research articles and written book chapters on the topic. Being his particular area of expertise, Dr. Palladino brings skillful technique to every tummy tuck in Fort Lauderdale that he performs. With unparalleled surgical skill, he exemplifies his artistic mastery in the appealing quality of the quintessential belly button that leaves his patients in awe of their realistic-looking results.

Dr. Palladino is a highly acclaimed double-board-certified plastic surgeon who has performed thousands of complex abdominal wall reconstruction cases. This gives him a very clear understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the abdominal wall, which is essential to performing an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). Dr. Palladino delivers first-class, patient-centered surgical care in his comfortable, state-of-the-art facility, carrying on the legacy of his training at the prestigious, world-renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

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What Is a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck allows for the correction of deformities caused by pregnancy or weight loss, which are not amenable to address otherwise with exercise or changes in habits and routine. When performed by an experienced, board-certified surgeon, a tummy tuck can transform the body and positively impact the patient's life.

Having children is a miracle of nature, and losing a significant amount of weight is quite an achievement. However, the price the body pays is often unfair to the patient because it can change the appearance in ways they can’t remedy themselves. Abdominoplasty corrects the resulting folds and gives patients back the confidence they deserve.

Tummy Tuck Before & After

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The consultation process is critical to establishing realistic expectations between what the patient has in mind and what the surgeon can deliver.

Dr. Palladino evaluates each patient’s medical history and aesthetic goals and thoroughly discusses the entire process to ensure your desired results match the actual outcome. With a high patient satisfaction rate, Dr. Palladino’s commitment to a quality surgical experience that exceeds expectations truly shows in the care he provides every step of the way, from your consultation through the recovery period.

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The Abdominoplasty Procedure

Preoperative Evaluation

A thorough preoperative evaluation is vital to ensuring the safety of your surgery. At Top Aesthetics, we have a comprehensive preoperative process that usually begins three months before the procedure, where we can evaluate the patient's lab work and medical conditions. This process allows Dr. Palladino to look at the entire picture prior to surgery for a successful operation from the procedure through the recovery period.

Tummy Tuck Operation

Using incisions extending from one hip bone to the other and around the belly button, the procedure surgically removes excess tissue and fat while tightening the abdominal muscles and repositioning the belly button to a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Liposuction can also be included for further narrowing of the waistline. Because safety is our #1 priority, we invest in technologies to elevate perioperative and intraoperative monitoring to a different level.

The Recovery Period

Swelling and bruising can be expected after surgery, and any pain can be controlled by a prescription for Exparel, which tends to make the recovery much easier, faster, and less painful. The recovery